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Solution name: How to establish the proper ram: ewe ration in the flock

Country: Romania

Dairy or/and meat sheep: Dairy and Meat

Source of information: Industry and research

Level of solution:






Just Being Tested


Aim: To increase flock fertility and to proper use the rams at mating


Expected benefits: Increased overall flock fertility and an improved ram utilization.

Prerequisites and/or limits (knowledge, training, capabilities, cost, management, facilities, equipment, etc.)

  • Facilities such as reproduction paddocks at the farm, when pedigree breeding is applied.
  • Problematic when mob reproduction is applied, given that some rams are dominant and will tend to service a greater number of ewes, leading to ram exhaustion and a lower spermatic production of those rams.
  • Infertile and sub-fertile rams can lead to lower conception rates in the flock, that is why the use of ‘flushing’ rams at the end of the reproduction season is recommended.


Scientifiques publications:

Rosa, H. J. D., Silva, C. C., & Bryant, M. J. (2006). The effect of ram replacement and sex ratio on the sexual response of anoestrous ewes. Small Ruminant Research, 65(3), 223–229.

Snowder, G. ., Stellflug, J. ., & Van Vleck, L. . (2004). Genetic correlation of ram sexual performance with ewe reproductive traits of four sheep breeds. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 88(3–4), 253–261.

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Palacín, I., Yániz, J. L., Fantova, E., Blasco, M. E., Quintín-Casorrán, F. J., Sevilla-Mur, E., & Santolaria, P. (2012). Factors affecting fertility after cervical insemination with cooled semen in meat sheep. Animal Reproduction Science, 132(3–4), 139–144.


Tips & Tricks:

The ram effect


Expected Impacts




BUASVM Timisoara, Dr. Dinu Gavojdian




Ewe to ram ratio        

Solution No/Name

8. How to establish the proper ram: ewe ration in the flock   

Service provider/ technician + vet or farmers



Benefit expected

Increase productivity: – flock fertility


Is the solution suitable for various production systems


If no – for which system



What are the asset costs

Ram costs       

What are the maintenance costs

Ram maintenance related costs

Any limits to its applicability?


Work Load

How much time is required to prepare and implement solution?

1 day

How many people is needed to implement the solution?

1 person (the farmer)


How long it takes to get results?

1 day  

How long it takes to see an effect on sheep productivity?

current production period     


What kind of equipment/tools are necessary?

Rams and reproduction equipment (e.g. ram harness)

Skill/Knowledge – Training (farmer)

Does the solution need any specific skill/knowledge or training?


How much time will be required for training

Not applicable

Wider Environment

Is there any particular regulation linked to the solution?


Does the solution need any particular structure or organization?


Other Comments



Users’ evaluation



Solution No/Name

 8. How to establish the proper ram: ewe ratio in the flock

Farmer/Service provider/technicians-vet-others


Why did you select this solution?

An optimum use of the rams

To avoid overuse of the rams

To obtain the highest success in flock fertility

Was it easy to implement?


If not say what are the identified drawbacks?

Some farmers do not have enough breeding rams to meet the optimum ratio


Did you need to adapt it?


If yes, how?

The purchase of rams with pedigrees and with EBV’s


Were you happy with the outcome of the solution?


What were the outcomes?

85-90% conception rates


Score the solution

Interesting and easy to implement

Will you continue to implement it?


If not, for which reasons?



 Fertility rates in the flock of over 85%



This post is also available in: French Spanish Italian Turkish Romanian