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About EuroSheep

Key Notes for health practices for a more productive flock

EuroSheep: sharing experience about sheep production

EuroSheep is a thematic network about dairy and meat sheep productions. The objective of EuroSheep is to exchange existing knowledge between farmers and stakeholders at all stages of the supply chain in EU and Turkish sheep production. The knowledge and expertise exchanges will focus on 2 main themes: flock health management and nutrition management, based on the industry’s current needs, to improve flock profitability.

EuroSheep: workshops to foster multi-actor exchanges

EuroSheep will establish durable exchange of scientific and practical knowledge among researchers, farmers and advisors across Europe. Through a multi-actor and transdisciplinary approach at national and international levels, EuroSheep will promote the implementation and dissemination of innovative and best technologies and practices for the improvement of sheep profitability. This network is open to all countries, stakeholders, sheep producers. Many national and transnational workshops, publications and events will be realised under this project. EuroSheep continues the dynamic knowledge exchange between European sheep sector stakeholders that was initiated by SheepNet.

EuroSheep (European Network for interactive and innovative knowledge exchange on animal health and nutrition between the sheep industry actors and stakeholders) is funded (€1.99 million) by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research programme. This 3 years project led by Idele (France) started in January 2020 and will run until December 2022. Eight countries are involved in EuroSheep, namely Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Greece and Turkey, and represent 80% of sheep production in Europe. Many national and transnational workshops, publications and events are planned, so do not hesitate to register if you wish to take part or be informed! EuroSheep is open to all countries, stakeholders and sheep producers.

EuroSheep held its first project meeting in Thessaloniki in Greece at the end of January 2020, where the project’s partners devised the work plan for the next 3 years. Unfortunately, with the currentCOVID19 emergency, these plans are changing, but we will keep you informed of any development.

EuroSheep: who and how?

This post is also available in: French Greek Hungarian Turkish Romanian