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Bedding management

& relative humidity references

Solution name: Bedding management and relative humidity references

Aim: To check/assess some environmental conditions within the barn of the sheep.


Excel file. This solution includes a tool to evaluate some environment parameters in different parts of the farm, including the outdoors space and the building where the animals are housed. The user records the temperature and the relative humidity (%) within the barn, and provides basic information regarding animal load, bedding and ventilation.

The Excel sheet is a benchmarking tool that allows comparing the results obtained at a certain farm with data from a database achieved from more than 150 different measurements in farms.

Topic: Health/Managment

Production:  Dairy/Meat

Animal Category: All

Issue: Lameness

Level of Solution:  Practical

Country: Spain

How to implement

Download the file (free). Get the measurements at the farm.

Expected benefits

Improvement of animal welfare and health of animals


Cost Benefit analysis

This solution needs several additional labour and measurements devices to be implemented. Some technical advice is needed as well. It improves animal welfare and productivity, therefore, it leads to a better health status and zootechnical indexes.

Sustainability analysis

The implementation of this solution leads to a better environmental condition due to a reduction in the ammonia load. Consequently, animals will have a better health status and a better feed efficiency as well. On the other hand, the good bedding management will produce a better manure quality more suitable for environmental practices. In addition, the more environmental conditions, the less ventilation power costs, therefore, this solution can save energy in buildings with mechanical ventilation devices.
As we have mentioned previously, the animal welfare goes up due to the better environmental conditions. It improves the labour in the farm and the image of the company, reducing bad smell and improving the landscape attraction.

Prerequisites and/or limits
  • Device to measure humidity and temperature.

  • Microsoft excel 2016

Information Sources / Useful links

This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish