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Project Name: IMIÑE

Project Description:

Creation of a collaboration network between agriculture and livestock farmers for the production of quality forages within the Basque Country.

Objective: To create a network of farmers to promote the production and purchase-sale of high quality forages within the CAV. 

Summary: Initially, agricultural farmers willing to produce higher quality forages will be identified, fulfilling the requirements of the greening EU policies. In parallel, dairy sheep farmers belonging to the PDO Idiazabal cheese willing to purchase local quality forages, will also be identified, as well as the logistics required to collect and transport the forages. We will design a procedure to set the price according to the quality of the forage. 

Country: Spain

Area: Basque Country

EIP OG (yes/no): Yes

Production (dairy, meat, both): Both

Contact Name: Nerea Mandaluniz

Email Address:

Social networks:


This post is also available in: French Greek Turkish