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Project Name: URAGAN

Project Description:

Rational use of antibiotics in livestock farming: innovative feed alternatives for sheep during the last third of gestation to improve the immune response capacity and response to stress sources in lambs: towards improving animal resilience. The general objective is to favour the production of enriched colostrum and the birth and development of more resilient animals and higher immune competence, as well as to promote tertiary measures to reduce the need for the use of antibiotics. In addition to experimental trials developed under controlled conditions in the flock of Neiker, the quality of the colostrum produced within a sample of commercial Latxa sheep flocks of the Basque Country was monitored, and the related management practices implemented were recorded. 

Country: Spain

Area: Basque Country

EIP OG (yes/no): No

Production (dairy, meat, both): Both

Contact Name: Raquel Atxaerandio

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This post is also available in: French Greek Turkish