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Creating value from sheep data

Project Name: Creating value from sheep data Project Description: This is a Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) group that are investigating how technology could improve their breeding programmes.  It is a short term...

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SAC Sheep Group

Project Name: SAC Sheep Group Project Description: The SAC Sheep group for forward thinking farmers meet four times a year.  The meetings involve a farm tour and a discussion about improvement opportunities for the host...

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Maternal Sheep Group

Project Name: Maternal Sheep Group Project Description: The Maternal Sheep Group (MSG) represent over 5,000 performance recorded ewes over 10 farms across Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. The joint aim of the members of...

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EuroSheep Network

European Thematic Network for interactive and innovative knowledge exchange on animal health and nutrition between the sheep industry actors and stakeholders

Open to all stakeholders and sheep producers in Europe and beyond.
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