On the 25th November 2020, both H2020 Thematic Network projects EuroSheep and Euraknos held an online meeting to cross-exchange experience and knowledge.

The EuroSheep partners and 2 Euraknos partners participated to the activity. The main theme was on ‘assessing communication needs in a thematic network – which tools for which needs’.

Three interactive sessions were held between the participants:

1) sharing and dissemination;

2) good practices for dissemination;

3) measuring impacts.

Amongst the good practices for dissemination, the idea of having farmers presenting the project and results was highlighted. Regarding impacts, having a series of podcasts showing the start, maintenance and final results of projects was mentioned as a worthy vehicle for uptake. Likewise, the idea of having ratings or ‘similar’ solutions on the knoweldge reservoirs was identified by participants as ideas worth pursuing. Finally, agriculture knowledge transfer in time of Covid was discussed, with special mention to the NEFERTITI and FarmDemo projects. Overall the cross-exchange was fruiful and will help EuroSheep in its dissemination activities. These cross-exchanges between H2020 Thematic Networks are useful activities to feed on and share experience across European projects.


You can download here the presentation slides