Country: Turkey

Dairy or/and meat sheep: Meat

Source of information: Research, Animal Science Dep.

Level of solution:






Just Being Tested


Aim: To plan sustainable feed balance and requirement during pregnancy for a better health for ewe and lamb.


  • A technical key note for the balanced requirement for a ewe under different regions will be provided and also some recommendations will be made from pre mating to post-partum.
  • BCS with leaflets and posters will be introduced for objective evaluation of the body mass change under different physiological state of the animals in order to train observation techniques.

Expected benefits: Ewe nutrition based on feed planning will ensure a sustainable and continuously gestation success and reduce the risks of lamb loses. BCS evaluation would be another tool for positive control of the flock.

Prerequisites and/or limits (knowledge, training, capabilities, cost, management, facilities, equipment, etc.)

  • Is very simple text but needs planning
  • Farmers need to fallow the recommendations
  • Some recommendations need training and time


Tips & Tricks:

Expected impacts


Benefit expected Increase productivity
less workload
better labor organisation
better feed management

Is the solution suitable for various production systems Y dairy &meat
If no – for which system  
What are the asset costs ?
What are the maintenance costs ?
Any limits to its applicability  
Work Load
  Farmers Service provider/tech.-vet-others
How much time is required to prepare and implement the solution 1 day – 1 week  
How many people is needed to implement the solution? 1 person  
How long it takes to get results? >=1week
How long it takes to see  an effect on sheep productivity? current production period
  Farmers Service provider/technicians-vet-others
What kind of equipment/tool are necessary? ?  
Skill/Knowledge-Training (farmer)
Does the solution need any specific skill/knowledge or training? yes
How much time will be required for training 1-2 days
Wider Environment
Is there any particular regulation link to the solution? no
Does the solution need any particular structure or organisation? yes, it needs the knowledge of BCS