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Targeted drainage system in the grassland

Solution name: Targeted drainage system in the grassland

Aim: To provide precise solutions for different causes of lameness on pastures


Wet pasture can increase microbial activity in the feet and cause deterioration of the tissue between the nails, nail rot, and joint inflammation during wet season. Protective measures are needed to avoid lameness caused by pasture ground. For this aim artificial sets or steeply-sloping areas can be established in the grasslands with very low cost.

Topic: Health

Production:  Dairy / Meat

Animal Category: All

Issue: Lameness

Level of Solution: Knowledge

Country: Turkey


How to implement it

Artificial resting mounds can be formed from sand or gravel with high drainage ability in various parts of the pasture which will prevent to some level of microbial growth and reduce lameness caused by pasture moisture.

Expected benefits

Reducing lameness caused by pasture moisture will improve animal welfare and productivity and reducing treatment costs and the amount of antibiotics used.

Cost Benefit analysis

By building artificial set on the grassland will improve animal foot health and overall wellbeing. Animals will have less lameness and foot problems which will decrease medicine use, Vet service cost and lab cost.

Sustainability analysis

By using artificial sets on the grassland will help to reduce foot problems and this will provide more healthier animals. This will improve the farmers’ image and animal welfare.

Prerequisites and/or limits
  • Low cost
  • The resting areas should be created in a way that does not damage the pasture.
  • Good handling facilities
Information Source / Useful links

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, food and rural affairs-leaflet,

This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish