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Each participant received caps or snood during the meeting.

The workshop objectives were :

  • Feedback from the TNWS held in Spain
  • Presentation of Spanish farm visits and technical tours
  • Presentation of Tips&Tricks and discuss the communication channels
  • Next TNWS in Alghero, Italy
  • Introduce the social media channels of SheepNet 

4th  National workshop took place again in Bursa which is located in the north west of Turkey.  In total 35 participant with various profiles (students, stakeholders, regional government representatives, advisors, Vets) have been attended to the 4th NWS. The meeting took a half day with interactive discussions and opinion exchange. As a NF, I declared the agenda and objectives of the meeting which was feedback of TNWS at  Vitoria Gasteiz in the Bask country of Spain.  The  3rd  SheepNet international  workshop  was held  at Neiker in Vitoria-Gasteiz,  from  13th-14th June 2018. The key points of the programme were:


  • Presentation of the Spanishsheep production,
  • Farms visits
  • -Farm Ocio Ibañez S.C. (co-operative) –meat sheep and arable,

    -Farm Zabatela S.C. (co-operative) –dairy ewes and cheese production

  • Discussion and exchange around the 77 tips and tricks presented by all countries.

One stakeholder who participated to the TNSW in Vitoria Gasteiz presented the Spanish sheep production system and the farm visit we made there. The visit consisted of one dairy and one meat farm. We talked about the production system, compared the system and challenges and tried to take up some interesting ideas. Later on we watched one by one the Turkish tips& tricks and congratulated our stakeholder who has become the second in the voting system among 77 tips&tricks from all over the world

For the communication transfer we recalled the results of the survey of which communication tools were used mostly among stakeholders. After splitting in 3 groups  each group listed the existing means of communication for them. We also highlighted the gaps and what could be improved in the best way according to their needs.  After introducing the communication plan toward farmers  in Australia for BCS we tried to extract some innovative communication tools among farmers here in Turkey.The last remarks were about the social networking. New members were registered to the Sheepnet platform and a detailed. Short introduction about the next TNWS in Ireland have announced and finished the meeting.

Communication and transfer of information has been discussed. Results from the early survey we conducted in 2017 presented to the participants. We tried to identify the main ways of communication across the participants.

Different means of communication used by SheepNet are introduced ;



·Twitter: @SheepNetEU

·YouTube channel:

·LinkedIn: SheepNet group

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All the solutions presented during the meeting are available on our SheepNet website, and the material can be downloaded.

This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish Romanian