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Each participant received caps or snood during the meeting.

The workshop objectives were :

  • Feedback from the TNWS held in Timisoara
  • Presentation of solutions bought by Turkish delegation to improve sheep productivity
  • Identification of the other solutions that could be tested
  • Next TNWS in Spain
  • Introduce the social media channels of SheepNet

3 rd National workshop was in Bursa which is located in the north west of Turkey.  In total 32 participant with various profiles (students, stakeholders, regional government representatives, advisors, Vets) have been attended to the NWS. The meeting took a half day with interactive discussions and opinion exchange. As a NF, I declared the agenda and objectives of the meeting which was feedback of TNWS at  Timisora and the Romanian sheep production system. The 2nd SheepNet international workshop was held in Timisoara, from 15-17th November. The key points of the programme were


  1. Presentation of the Romanian sheep production,
  2. Farms visits
  3. GOBARJOIU Gheorghe & STEPAN Daniel, Calacea
  4.  STANCA Dumitru & STANCA Adriana, Nadlac [fattening lambs and milking ewes)
  5. Dairy factory -CRIS –SIB LACTO


During the meeting 55 solutions were exchanged and disscussesd. One stakeholder who participated to the TNSW in Timisora resented the Romanian sheep production system and the farm visit we made there.


We talked about solutions from Turkey and solutions that were bought from other countries 7 SheepNet countries, and which solution we took to try.


Firstly we grouped the farmers and like a carrousel system introduced the solution. We had 5 person per group within farmers. Afterwards, we validated those solutions with our STWG and how we can get best results from those solutions.  The solutions were grouped as; reproduction, gestation, Lamb mortality related to management issues and lamb mortality related to animals.

Next topic were the “tips&tricks” and we have explained them what” Tips&Tricks” means and which options we have collected to represent in the next TNSW which will be held in Spain. We have selected with the help of short videos and photos and voted among them. First 10 tips&tricks have been determined and revised for the last time to be represented in Spain.

The last remarks were about the social networking. New members were registered to the Sheepnet platform and a detailed presentation how to use the platform have been realized. Twitter and facebook media tools were also introduced and showed them how to use it. A Short introduction about the next TNWS in Spain have announced and finished the meeting. Nest day we had 2 farm visits to see one of two selected tips and tricks live.

Different means of communication used by SheepNet are introduced ;



·Twitter: @SheepNetEU

·YouTube channel:

·LinkedIn: SheepNet group

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All the solutions presented during the meeting are available on our SheepNet website, and the material can be downloaded.


This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish Romanian