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The workshop objectives were :

  • Exchange solutions to improve sheep productivity according to farmers’ needs
  • Feedback from the TNWS held in Edinburgh
  • Sheep production in partner countries
  • Talk about the next TNWS in Romania
  • Introduce the social media channels of SheepNet

2 nd National workshop hold in Ankara, Turkey hosted around 30 participant with various profiles (students, stakeholders, regional government representatives, advisors, Vets). The meeting took a half day with interactive discussions and opinion exchange. We started with talking about agenda, schedule and goal of the meeting which was feedback of TNWS at  Edinburg, talk about solutions, prioritize solutions for Timisora  and the decision about STWG to complete the solutions. We organized 3 small workshops of 10 min of each with 3 paperboards. We discussed sheep productivity in the 7 SheepNet countries, introduced sheep production in Scotland and SRUC activities.  James Logan’s farm was also in the list to discuss. It was pretty amazing to show the farming system in Scotland to the farmers from various regions of Turkey. They found it very interesting

We made fist a pool of solutions and  defined the need and which type of support could be provided for that solution. We had 2 solution markets (A,B) and used approximately 5 minutes to discuss and define the solution to the needs. 11 solutions were defined for reproduction, gestation and lamb mortality however, 8 of them are going to presented in the 2 nd TNWS in Timisora. We made the selection by voting system; giving the 5 star to the most accepted solution and 1 to the less one.  We also decided which stakeholder will present each solution in which type of support. 

Social media and  platform of Sheepnet has also been introduced to the audience and all the participants has been registered to the platform. To conclude, we have introduced the next TNWS in Romania and the defined which participants will go and with their role there.


Different means of communication used by SheepNet are introduced ;



·Twitter: @SheepNetEU

·YouTube channel:

·LinkedIn: SheepNet group

To receive the regular SheepNet newsletter, it is advised to create an online account on the SheepNet  website.

All the solutions presented during the meeting are available on our SheepNet website, and the material can be downloaded.



This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish Romanian