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SCOPs information

-including the nematodirus forecast

Solution name: SCOPs information- including the nematodirus forecast

Aim: To provide solutions for early detection and treatment of nematodirus


  • SCOPs (Sustainable Control of Parasites) webpage contains a range of tools and information associated with the detection, control and treatment of various internal and external parasites.
  • Tools of particular interest
    • Nematodirus forecast (UK based)
    • “Know your anthelmintics” publication
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Topic: Health

Production:  Meat/Dairy

Animal Category: Lamb

Issue: Other internal parasitism (lambs)

Level of Solution:  Knowledge/Practical

Country: UK


How to implement

Assess risk of nematodirus using the local weather forecast data and other information in conjunction with the grazing history of your farm. If treatment is required consult “Know your anthelmintics” guide and other literature available on the webpage.  

Expected benefits

Identifying when different groups of lambs are at risk of nematodirus. Forecast predicts nematodirus hatch date to allow appropriate action to be taken on farm. SCOPs also provides an overview of appropriate products available to use for treating nematodirus (as well as treatment options for other internal and external parasites).

Prerequisites and/or limits
  • Main limiting factor, at the moment, is that this particular forecast is set up for the UK, although potentially could be adapted to allow implementation in other countries.
  • Access to local weather data.
  • Knowledge of grazing history.
  • Farmers should be aware of how to administer treatment effectively.
  • Good handling facilities.
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This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish