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Country: Spain

Dairy or/and meat sheep: Dairy and meat

Source of information: Bibliography and technical Services

Level of solution: Practical

Aim: To achieve facilities in optimal conditions for lambings.


  • What is implemented;
    Regular cleaning and disinfection of the bedding and the barn.
  • How and When is implemented;
    Before lambings: The barn must be cleaned and disinfected with bleach, lime or any commercial disinfectant.
    During lambings: keep the bedding as clean and dry as possible, usually with new straw or with any other drying material; Continuous removal of placentas.
    After lambings: the bedding must be removed and the barn cleaned and disinfected.

Expected benefits:

Lower presence and spread of pathogenic agents, and therefore lower risk of health hazards and lamb mortality


Prerequisites and/or limits (knowledge, training, capabilities, cost, management, facilities, equipment, etc.)

  • Knowledge.
  • Economic cost.


Tips & Tricks

Water supply to lambing pens


Expected impacts:


Benefit expected mortality
less stress for the farmer
Is the solution suitable for various production systems Y
If no – for which system extensive system, lambing time outdoor
What are the asset costs 100-500
What are the maintenance costs <50
Any limits to its applicability depends on the specifications of the product applied
Work Load
  Farmers Service provider/tech.-vet-others
How much time is required to prepare and implement the solution 1 day – 1 week  
How many people is needed to implement the solution? 1-2  
How long it takes to get results? >=1week
How long it takes to see  an effect on sheep productivity? current production period
  Farmers Service provider/technicians-vet-others
What kind of equipment/tool are necessary? Cleaning and desinfection products  
Skill/Knowledge-Training (farmer)
Does the solution need any specific skill/knowledge or training? Yes
How much time will be required for training 1 day 
Wider Environment
Is there any particular regulation link to the solution? No
Does the solution need any particular structure or organisation? No

This post is also available in: French Spanish Italian Romanian