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Robustagno 2,0

Project Name: Robustagno 2,0 Project Description: Robustagno is an EIP OG leaded by Coop de France Occitanie which aims to reduce lamb mortality on farms. This project is built in partnership with the Institut de...

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Better Farm Sheep Programme

Project Name: Better Farm Sheep Programme Project Description: The goal of the Better Farm Sheep Programme is to establish focal points for the on-farm implementation, development and evaluation of technology that is relevant to...

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Prairies Sud

Project Name: Prairies Sud Project Description: Prairies Sud is an EIP OG grouping sheep, goat and cattle farmers. It is taking place in a context of climate change with more frequent droughts and in line with the project...

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Project Name: CNBL Project Description: CNBL (National Committee for Dairy Sheep) is a national association officialized 30 years ago that aims to structure the links between the field and R&D activities. The association...

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Sheep Farmers’ AKIS

Project Name: Sheep Farmers’ AKIS Project Description: The groups aim is promote solutions for sustainable farming systems. Concerns are more resilient breeds for climate change, efficiency and productivity Country: Turkey...

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EuroSheep Network

European Thematic Network for interactive and innovative knowledge exchange on animal health and nutrition between the sheep industry actors and stakeholders

Open to all stakeholders and sheep producers in Europe and beyond.
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