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Project Name: Robustagno 2,0

Project Description:

Robustagno is an EIP OG leaded by Coop de France Occitanie which aims to reduce lamb mortality on farms. This project is built in partnership with the Institut de l’Elevage, the National Veterinary School and the INRAE. It relies on strong operational partners: two cooperatives (CAPEL and UNICOR), two chambers of agriculture (Lot and Aveyron), two health defence groups (GDS Lot and Aveyron), the association of breed selection bodies for mountain breeds (CORAM) and the Animapôle de Figeac. Finally, the heart of this project lies with 11 breeders who have invested themselves on a daily basis to keep it alive.

In order to disseminate the knowledge acquired to as many people as possible, all the partners will continue the work within the Robustagno 2.0 programme to develop dissemination tools.

– Dissemination in the field: days of exchanges on a support operation to present the method of analysis and advice and the descriptive sheets of Robustagno practices. 6 days are scheduled throughout the territory of Occitania between February 2020 and February 2021. 

– Digital dissemination: the development of specifications for an interactive calendar-type digital application that will alert the farmer to all the key stages in the production of quality lambs, and will offer demonstration films, technical sheets and tutorials.

Country: France

Area: Occitanie

EIP OG (yes/no): No

Production (dairy, meat, both): Both

Contact Name: Sophie Huby

Email Address:

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This post is also available in: French Greek Italian Turkish