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Project Name: Prairies Sud

Project Description:

Prairies Sud is an EIP OG grouping sheep, goat and cattle farmers. It is taking place in a context of climate change with more frequent droughts and in line with the project partners’ desire to develop agricultural systems that meet agro-ecological criteria, enhance the value of local resources and promote the resilience of the systems. It is also part of a search for feed autonomy for livestock farms to increase the economic efficiency.

It focuses on the evaluation of multi-species grassland production in the PACA region and aims to improve the knowledge of farmers, stockbreeders and agricultural development and education advisers in the production of fodder and, more particularly, multi-species grasslands.

The objectives of the project are

– to study the strategy of farmersregarding the place of multi-species grasslands in the flock feeding system, 

– to create and support groups of farmers through exchanges between peers and actors in agricultural development,

–  to build references and technical contents adapted to our regional context for advice on fodder production. 

Country: France

Area: Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

EIP OG (yes/no): Yes

Production (dairy, meat, both): Both

Contact Name: Rémi Leconte

Email Address:

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This post is also available in: French Greek Italian Turkish