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Gastrointestinal parasite infection

Solution name: Gastrointestinal parasite infection

Aim: Decreasing the optimal life circumstance of worms and larves to avoid the critical infection


All around the world the internal parasites cause one of the biggest health issue that can cause economical loss as well.

  • Most worms life circle is partly run on the grassland.
  • Depending on the different climates, the larves and the eggs of worms on the pasture can survive shorter or longer period that can cause infection in the grazing flocks.
  • Moister, high grass height, optimal temperature (5-20 C) can support a quick parasite infection and keep in high risk level of the reinfection of parasites.


    • Important to know what parasite we have, Trichostrongilidae, Fasciola, Haemoncus
    • Drug resistance population of parasites?
    • Survival period of worm eggs and larves on the pasture under different climat during the year (huge differences between dry -hot and wet-cool regions)
    • Different status = different solution

Topic: Health

Production:  Dairy / Meat

Animal Category: Adults/lambs/replacements

Issue: Internal parasites

Level of Solution: Knowledge, Practical

Country: Hungary







How to implement it
  • Diagnosis (MacMaster chamber – Mini Flotac)
  • Plan for prevention
    • inside technology, base on hay and silage, partly on arable land
    • grassland rotation
    • reseeding the grass for grazing
    • grassland resting during parasite incubation period
    • grass cutting before hot period
  • final solution is targeted drug treatment
  • all farmers should focus on alternative solutions
Expected benefits
  • decreasing the drug resistance
  • decreasing the serious infection
  • cost reduction
  • less serious infection
Prerequisites and/or limits
  • habits
  • easy the treatment
  • low knowledge
  • gap of advising
Tips & Tricks

It is a whole system but a lot small solution can be utilized by individuals:

  • farm diagnosis, mini flotac
  • farm specific grazing system setup

This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish