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Lambs with joint ill

Solution name: Lambs with joint ill

Aim: Avoid the skeletal and joint disorders


  • In Hungary, it causes higher losses mainly in lamb rearing. It develops through an open wound formed during an umbilical cord infection and possible tail shortening. Infection in lambs can be caused by several bacteria, which in chronic cases can cause painful purulent arthritis and movement problems. The latter symptoms can develop up to 2-3 weeks after infection.

Topic: Health

Production:  Dairy / Meat

Animal Category: Lamb 

Issue: Lamb mortality

Level of Solution: Knowledge, Practical

Country: Hungary






How to implement it

Using a tail-curling gum can reduce the chances of developing an open wound, including infection.

Professional use of umbilical cord disinfectant (essential in both extensive and semi-intensive housing conditions).

Expected benefits
  • healthier, more homogeneous lambs,
  • lower lamb mortality
  • lower use of drugs
  • more economical lamb fattening
Prerequisites and/or limits
  • regular bedding
  • hygienic housing conditions
Tips & Tricks
  • In bigger farm, where more ewes are lambing at the same time, it may be a problem to follow umbilical cord disinfection (which one was done and which was not). Therefore it is advisable to use a material that leaves a mark. Even the iodine leaves mark, but if the lamb lies in the intestinal tract, we may not be able to make a definite decision based on its colour whether the disinfection has taken place or not.


This post is also available in: French Spanish Greek Hungarian Italian Turkish