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Country: Turkey

Dairy or/and meat sheep: Meat

Source of information: Togen, Ministry of Agr.,

Level of solution:






Just Being Tested


Aim: To provide useful and simple health practices in the flock and recommendations for hygiene in the environment for an improved productivity


A PDF document with basic health keys (protective treatment-with a chronology) will be provided to breeder’s association and some NGO’s in order to minimize the health risks in the barn and outdoor for a whole year time.

Some useful videos and demonstrative papers will be provided for barn hygiene and paddocks for a whole production period.


Expected benefits: Better health- productive farms-happy farmersJ

Prerequisites and/or limits:

  • PDF is a document needs to be practiced always
  • A healthy flock needs continuously observing and a good knowledge of the shepherd.

Specific references

Dwyer, C. M. (2009). Welfare of sheep: Providing for welfare in an extensive environment. Small Ruminant Research, 86(1–3), 14–21.

Gavojdian, D., Budai, C., Cziszter, L. T., Csizmar, N., Javor, A., & Kusza, S. (2015). Reproduction Efficiency and Health Traits in Dorper, White Dorper, and Tsigai Sheep Breeds under Temperate European Conditions. Asian-Australas J Anim Sci, 28(4), 599–603.

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Tips & Tricks



Expected impacts:


Benefit expected Increase productivity
-less abortion

Is the solution suitable for various production systems Y – dairy &meat
If no – for which system  
What are the asset costs <100
What are the maintenance costs  
Any limits to its applicability  
Work Load
  Farmers Service provider/tech.-vet-others
How much time is required to prepare and implement the solution 1 day – 1 week  
How many people is needed to implement the solution? 1 person  
How long it takes to get results? >=1week
How long it takes to see  an effect on sheep productivity? current production period
  Farmers Service provider/technicians-vet-others
What kind of equipment/tool are necessary?    
Skill/Knowledge-Training (farmer)
Does the solution need any specific skill/knowledge or training? No
How much time will be required for training N/A
Wider Environment
Is there any particular regulation link to the solution? no
Does the solution need any particular structure or organisation? no

This post is also available in: French Spanish Italian Romanian