Identifying trained hoggs for feeding

Title: Identifying trained hoggs for feeding

Need/issue: Weaning transition management/post-weaning management: adaptation to new feeding regime


Naïve replacements which spent most of their live grazing need to be trained to eat concentrates feeds or pellets in the shed. It is therefore necessary to know which animals has accessed the feeds and those which did not. The ones that did not access the feeds can be removed from the group and dealt with/trained separately.


We use keel (colour) on the side of the trough, to mark the neck and nose/mouth of the hoggs that did access the concentrates.

 Keel is applied to the side of the trough, then when the hoggs are eating, the colour will rub off on their neck or face.

Country: United Kingdom

Dairy or/and meat sheep: Meat

Category of Animal : Replacements